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I should have started this Blog 18 months ago......

Being the post office, general dealer, gift shop, katoeterwinkel and bistro in a small village is probably one of the most interesting places one can be. What I have seen, experienced and learned in the past 18 months since moving here far surpasses 17 years in Johannesburg, and that working in the CBD! We fell in love with Ruiterbos the minute we saw it - on a photo! I actually cried, my soul needed to live here. And we are loving every minute in real life as well. The aim of this Blog will be to catch you up, and remind ourselves of our journey the past 18 months and share some of the delightful and the not so delightful experiences. Our staff often has the opportunity to say: "another story for the book!" And then take you along on our journey going forward, sharing our moments of joy, hysterics, disbelief of what is happening in front of our eyes - did that really just happen? -, and laughter, lots of laughter, and learning, lots of that happening too

The farm stall and Bistro

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